Technology Platform

Industrially scalable, green technology suitable for application on a variety of substrates.

#Nanobloc.Performance you can trust.

Nanobloc merges research lines from leading European Universities and Technology Institutes to obtain innovative products that will be brought to market by European industry.

Thin coatings- <200 nanometres- deposited by Physical Vapour Deposition, formed by a glass and/or ceramic matrix (e.g. silica) capable of incorporating silver or other metal nanoparticles: 

›› Can be applied on countless substrates

›› Gradual release of ions without dispersing the nanoparticles in the surrounding 

›› Effectiveness towards proliferation of bacteria, fungi & viruses including respiratory syncytial virus, influenza virus A & with demonstrated virucidal effect towards SARSCoV-2 on face masks

›› Withstand temperatures up to 450º Celsius without altering their antimicrobial properties, thereby suited for thermal regeneration.

UV cured lacquers
Electrophoretic deposition

Scaled up processes that can be applied in industry

›› Batch processing: 3D applications (PVD sputtering/cathodic arc/HIPIMS; Sol-Gel; EDP) 

›› Roll-to roll processing: 2D applications (PVD Sputtering; Sol-Gel; Nanocomposite coatings & lacquers)

Industry 4.0 grade processes

›› AI-augmented PAT process monitoring and control platform for facilitating process understanding and quality control


Nanobloc is an
application-driven development

#Nanoblock, Performance you can trust.

Innovative new products are cocreated:

    1. based on industry specifications
    2. which promts a tailored scientific response
    3. that can be scalably engineered
    4. to deliver new products that are scientifically validated based on rigorous standands
    5. to ultimately meet market requirements and demand.

Our goal is to develop a new generation of high performance products
initially focussed on the following categories and applications:


(protective clothing, mattress covers, aprons, wallpaper)


Porous Filter Materials
(air filtration units, face masks)


High-Traffic Solid Surfaces
(doorknobs, handles, handrails, sanitaryware-taps, etc.).